MaxSynBio in public media

MaxSynBio in public media


25 April 2019
"Leben aus dem Biobaukasten" (engl: "Life from the Biological Construction Kit")
An article (in German) by Silvia von der Weiden, published in VDI Nachrichten
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28 Nov 2018
"Fundamental goals will bring us forward!"
Interview with Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille with Building a Synthetic Cell (BaSyC)

7 Nov 2018
How biologists are creating life-like cells from scratch.
A news feature article on bottom-up synthetic biology by Kendall Powell published in Nature

3 July 2018
Is abstraction in biology possible?
An article (written in German) about a powerful memory, incredible patience and other claims of molecular biology by Petra Schwille published in LaborJournal.

20 June 2018

On the path to an artificial cell
With the integration of a rudimentary metabolic function into a tiny droplet, a step has been made towards advancing the borders of life

Featured Article by Kai Sundmacher and Jakob Schweizer

20 July 2018
"Ein neues Betriebssystem für lebende Zellen", Die Welt
Find the article about the work of MaxSynBio here:


01 November 2017
Die Notbremse der Biotechnik gegen die Klimakrise, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Feature article by Tobias Erb (MaxSynBio)
Download: maxsynbio-in-the-news-faz-20171101.pdf

26 October 2017

A stable shell for artificial cells
Scientists are developing cell-like lipid vesicles which can be populated with natural cell proteins

Featured article about the work of Prof. Joachim Spatz

14 February 2017

Neue Definition für Grüne Gentechnik wegen CRISPR-Cas, TALEN und Co.?, Science Media Center Germany
Statement by Jakob Schweizer (MaxSynBio)


10 March 2016
Das Leben bahnt sich seinen Weg, Die Zeit, by Christiane Grefe
Interview with Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille (MaxSynBio) and Dr. Andreas Weber


02 October 2015
Biotechnologie 2020+: Designer-Zellen in Serienproduktion,
Report on the annual congress: "Design von Biosystemen – vom fundamentalen Verständnis zu neuen Anwendungen" on 23 September 2015

28 September 2015
Forscher diskutieren über Trendfach Synthetische Biologie,
Report on the panel discussion: "Wohin entwickelt sich die Synthetische Biologie in Deutschland?" on 22 September 2015

26 June 2015
Synthetische Biologie - Das Leben, ein Baukasten, Deutsche Universitätszeitung, by Christine Prußky
Article on the prospects of synthetic biology in Germany in the context of politics and public opinion

16 May 2015
Urknall des Lebens, Süddeutsche Zeitung, by Kai Kupferschmidt
Interview with Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille (MaxSynBio)

17 May 2015
Wir Schöpfer, Süddeutsche Zeitung, by Kai Kupferschmidt
Article on synthetic biology

24 April 2015
Portail de la Science de l'Ambassade de France en Allemagne: "Lancement du programme de recherche MaxSynBio visant à construire des cellules artificielles"

22 April 2015
Bio-Based News: "MaxSynBio – Max Planck research network in Synthetic Biology"

17 April 2015 "26 Mio. Euro für MaxSynBio"
Report about the ceremonial opening of MaxSynBio

17 April 2015 "MaxSynBio: Forscher wollen lebende Mini-Zellen bauen"
Report about the ceremonial opening of MaxSynBio


28 June 2013
Tagesspiegel: "Ingenieure des Lebens"

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