Silver medal for iGEM Team Marburg!

MaxSynBio supports the team Marburg for iGEM 2016

October 31, 2016

After one summer of hard work iGEM Marburg presented their results at the iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston, USA. The team was awarded a silver medal.

At the annual scientific students competition iGEM teams from all around the world are working on self-designed scientific projects. During the last weekend in October 2016 all these teams met in Boston, USA in order to present their work. Since the competition was established in 2004 an increasing number of teams were reported – during this year’s competition almost 300 teams from all around the world with more 3.000 students were taking part.

This year’s iGEM team Marburg focused on artificial endosymbiosis. The students were aiming to establish an artificial symbiosis between bacteria and yeast by incorporating bacterial cells into yeast cells. The splitting of different biosynthetic pathways for medical or industrial relevant products can lead to higher yields and is thereby offering an interesting chassis for industrial applications.

The Marburg Team was supported by Daniel Hürtgen, who is PhD student working for MaxSynBio, as well as by Tobias Erb, who is a project leader of MaxSynBio. Besides the LOEWE Center for synthetic microbiology (Synmikro), MaxSynBio was the most important sponsor of this year’s iGEM team Marburg.

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