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Synthetic Biology: Life, Remixed

Like engineering, synthetic biology involves building new biological systems from units and modules. Scientists have already produced organisms that make drugs or biofuels, and have pieced together a synthetic organism using only genetic data. In collaboration with other fields, synthetic biology could transform biotechnology and generate useful insights into the foundations of life.

Journal Article (251)

Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Marieke Scheffen, Daniel G. Marchal, Thomas Beneyton, Sandra K. Schuller, Melanie Klose, Christoph Diehl, Jessica Lehmann, Pascal Pfister, Martina Carrillo, Hai He, Selçuk Aslan, Niña S. Cortina, Peter Claus, Daniel Bollschweiler, Jean-Christophe Baret, Jan M. Schuller, Jan Zarzycki, Arren Bar-Even, and Tobias J. Erb, "A new-to-nature carboxylation module to improve natural and synthetic CO2 fixation," Nature Catalysis (2021).

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