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Synthetic Biology: Life, Remixed

Like engineering, synthetic biology involves building new biological systems from units and modules. Scientists have already produced organisms that make drugs or biofuels, and have pieced together a synthetic organism using only genetic data. In collaboration with other fields, synthetic biology could transform biotechnology and generate useful insights into the foundations of life.

Journal Article (276)

Journal Article
Simon Christ, Thomas Litschel, Petra Schwille, and Reinhard Lipowsky, "Active shape oscillations of giant vesicles with cyclic closure and opening of membrane necks," Soft Matter 17, 319-330 (2021).
Journal Article
Tamara Heermann, Henri G. Franquelim, Philipp Glock, Leon Harrington, and Petra Schwille, "Probing Biomolecular Interactions by a Pattern-Forming Peptide–Conjugate Sensor," Bioconjugate Chemistry 32, 172-181 (2021).
Journal Article
Ivan Ivanov, Sebastian Lopez-Castellanos, Severo Balasbas III, Lado Otrin, Nika Marušič, Tanja Vidaković-Koch, and Kai Sundmacher, "Bottom-Up Synthesis of Artificial Cells: Recent Highlights and Future Challenges," Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 12, 287-308 (2021).

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