MaxSynBio in the News

MaxSynBio in the News


"Life from the Biological Construction Kit". An article (in German) by Silvia von der Weiden more
New Max Planck Center for Minimal Biology. An Article (in German). more


Interview with Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille with Building a Synthetic Cell (BaSyC) more
Built from the bottom up, synthetic cells and other creations are starting to come together and could soon test the boundaries of life. more
A new operating system for living cells. An article (in German) by Norbert Lossau. more
With the integration of a rudimentary metabolic function into a tiny droplet, a step has been made towards advancing the borders of life more


The emergency brakes of biotechnology against the climate crisis. An article by Tobias Erb. more
Scientists are developing cell-like lipid vesicles which can be populated with natural cell proteins.  more
New definition for green genetic engineering because of CRISPR-Cas, TALEN and Co.? Statements (in German) given at the Symposium on Genetic Engineering at National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. more


Life is making its way. An interview (in German) with Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille and Dr. Andreas Weber by Christiane Grefe. more


Biotechnology 2020+: Designer cells in mass production. An article (in German) about the BMBF initiative. more

Das Leben, ein Baukasten

June 26, 2015
Life, a kit. An article (in German) by Christine Prußky. more
An article about the new Network in synthtic biology. more

Wir Schöpfer

May 15, 2015
We creators. An article (in German) by Kai Kupferschmidt. more

Urknall des Lebens

May 15, 2015
Big Bang of life. Interview with Petra Schwille (in German) by Kai Kupferschmidt. more
Launch of the MaxSynBio research program to build artificial cells. An article (in French) by Rébecca Grojsman. more
Artificial cells for biotechnology. An article (in German) in transkrip. more


"Ingenieure des Lebens"

June 28, 2013
Engineers of life. An article (in German) by Jana Schlütter. more


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