Research Group of Tobias Erb

Synthetic metabolism: Re-inventing photosynthesis

Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg

Can we reconstruct one of the most fundamental processes in Nature: Photosynthesis?
The group of Tobias Erb at the MPI-TM is interested in understanding and applying the principles of metabolism. The Erb group uses genome mining, functional enzymology, protein engineering, cell-free biology, high-throughput screens and microfluidics to design novel enzymes and metabolic networks and implement them in natural and synthetic cells. A recent example is the successful realization of a synthetic pathway for the capture and conversion of the greenhouse gas CO2into multi-carbon compounds that is more efficient than the one of natural photosynthesis. 
Biochemists, microbiologists, enzyme engineers and analytical chemists with a focus on the design and realization of novel metabolic networks. more
Energy and metabolic modules, enzymatic cascades for synthetic living systems, CO2 capture and conversion, artificial photosynthetis. more

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