Featured Publications from MaxSynBio


July 2019

We have compiled a collection of 12 articles in a special issue in Advanced Biosystems published this June. 42 authors from 8 different Max Planck and associated Universities from the Max Planck Synthetic Biology Network have contributed to this issue. 
October 2018 Microdroplets are a great place for RNA concentration and activity [more]
September 2018

This video illustrates how we envision the sequential bottom-up assembly of synthetic cells using on-chip microfluidic functions. [more]
July 2018 With the integration of a rudimentary metabolic function into a tiny droplet, a step has been made towards advancing the borders of life. [more]
May 2018 Scientists from the MPI of Biochemistry in Martinsried and the MPI for Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam investigate how environmental conditions on early earth might have facilitated the evolution of protocells. [more]
October 2017

Scientists are developing cell-like lipid vesicles which can be populated with natural cell proteins
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