Research Group of Kai Sundmacher

Research Group of Kai Sundmacher

Biological Production Systems

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg

The group of Kai Sundmacher at MPI-DCTS has a long-term experience in Process Systems Engineering and is applying novel design methods to increase the productivity, selectivity and sustainability of chemical and biotechnological production processes and energy conversion processes. Our approach relies on the simultaneous consideration of all hierarchical levels in the process synthesis and analysis – from the molecular level up to the plant level. Our tools comprise reliable thermodynamic and kinetic mathematical models and their experimental identification and validation via optimal experimental design techniques. A core competency of the group is understanding and modeling of the dynamics of complex process systems as well as synthesizing process systems from functional units, which knowhow we use for the construction of synthetic cells in the field of bottom-up synthetic biology.

Engineers, chemists and physicists with a focus on process systems engineering. more
Energy modules, growth, enzymatic cascades for synthetic living systems. more

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