Events in Synthetic Biology and Related Fields

Events in Synthetic Biology and Related Fields

Selected conferences, workshops and other events in synthetic biology world wide.


30 November, Online Meeting, Germany
International MaxSynBio Symposium: Avenues to Artificial Life-like Systems

2 November, Online Meeting / Delft, Netherlands
EUSynBioS Symposium 2020

2-4 November, Online-Meeting / Delft, Netherlands
Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe Meeting V

2-4 November, Amsterdam, Netherlands
SynBio Markets 2020

24 - 25 September, Online Meeting, Germany
German Conference on Synthetic Biology - The 4th GASB

2-5 September, Heidelberg, Germany
EMBO Workshop: Chemical Biology 2020

18 - 21 May, Kloster Raitenhaslach, Burghausen Germany
2nd European Congress on Cell-Free Synthetic Biology

29 Jun - 1 July Online Meeting

11-14 May, Santa Fe, USA
International Confernce on Engineering Synthetic Cells and Organelles

31 January, NASA Ames Research Center in California
Build-a-Cell Workshop #6


20-22 November, Bordeaux, France
4th International MaxSynBio Symposium on Synthetic Biology

20-23 November 2019, Heidelberg, Germany
Metabolism Meets Epigenetics

1-3 October, San Francisco, USA
The Global Synthetic Biology Summit 2019

30 September - 1 October, Brno, Czech Republic
EUSynBioS Symposium for bringing together the young European synthetic biology community 

22-25 September 2019, Heidelberg, Germany
Creating is Understanding: Synthetic Biology Masters Complexity

12-13 September, Aachen, Germany
Annnual Conference of the German Assoication for Synthetic Biology

9-10 September 2019, Santa Cruz, USA
EBRC Global Forum for Engineering Biology

16 August 2019, Boston, USA
Build-a-Cell Workshop #5

29 July - 2 August, Newcastle, UK
Conference on Artificial Life

22-26 July, Siena, Italy
6th International Synthetic & Systems Biology Summer School - SSBSS 2019

23-27 June 2019, New York, USA
Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design (SEED)

 24-25 June 2019, London UK 

13 May, Marburg, Germany
SynBio World Cafe by the German Association for Synthetic Biology

25 March, Bristol, UK
BrisSynBio Annual Conference

17-20 March, Heidelberg, Germany
EMBO/EMBL Symposia: Synthetic Morphogenesis: From Gene Circuits to Tissue Architecture

7-8 February, La Jolla, USA
Build-a-Cell Workshop #4

17 January, Stuttgart, Germany
MaxSynBio Project Leader Meeting (closed meeting)

16 - 17 January, Stuttgart, Germany
MaxSynBio Innovation Workshop (closed meeting)


19 - 20 Nov, Bristol, UK
SBUK 2018 by the Chemical Society and BrisSynbio

19 - 20 Nov, Bristol, UK
Bristol BioDesing Institute Satellite Sessions to SB UK 2018

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