Golestanian Group

Living Matter Physics

The Golestanian Group is engaged in a wide range of theoretical research aimed at a multi-scale understanding of the dynamics of living systems from a physical perspective. The aim is to understand the complex dynamics of living matter well enough to be able to make it from the bottom-up; i.e. from molecules to systems. The research topics cover, broadly speaking, chemicaland mechanical nonequilibrium activity in Living Matter across the scales. 

The complementary lines of research focus on collective properties of enzymes, nonequilibrium and osmotic activity of nanopores and channels, dynamics of membranes and the role of confinement on enzyme suspensions and integral-membrane channels, chemical signalling and collective chemotaxis, mechanical signalling and active hydrodynamics of cilia, flow of information in active matter, and homeostasis and stability of living systems as compound ensembles of the above components.

Publications of Ramin Golestanian in MaxSynBio

Andrej Vilfan; Smrithika Subramani; Eberhard Bodenschatz; Ramin GolestanianIsabella Guido

Flagella-like beating of a single microtubule
Scientific Reports

Jaime Agudo-Canalejo; Ramin Golestanian

Pattern formation by curvature-inducing proteins on spherical membranes
New Journal of Physics
Strübing, T.; Khosravanizadeh, A.; Vilfan, A.; Bodenschatz, E.; Golestanian, R.; Guido, I.: Wrinkling instability in 3D active nematics. arXiv, 1908.10974v2 (2019)

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