Cluster T: Enabling Technologies

Project Cluster T provides Enabling Technologies in order to realize the reconstitution of the five selected life processes.

For our work in cluster T we require two major technologies: biomimetic compartments and protein tools. Biomimetic compartments are essential for mimicking real-world cellular life processes in confined systems. Work Package T1 Compartments develops methods and tools for the self-assembly of compartments, for making a high number of copies of such compartments in a reproducible manner, and for reconstituting dedicated proteins (obtained from Work Package T2) in cell-like microcontainers, and for characterizing functionalized compartments in detail. The types of artificial cellular containers investigated in MaxSynBio are hybrid vesicles obtained by microfluidic technologies. In Work Package T2 Integrated Protein Modules a whole knowledge base (protocols and data banks) on expression and purification for dedicated proteins needed is established, for synthesizing functional parts to be used in modules of minimal life systems.

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