Research Group of Katharina Landfester

Research Group of Katharina Landfester

Physical Chemistry of Polymers

Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz

The group of Katharina Landfester at MPI-P has a long-term experience and world-wide reputation in the development and characterization of complex nanocompart­ments, stimuli-responsive nanocapsules and muliticompartment polymeric nanoparticles for materi­als and biomedical applications. The department is also specialized in the synthesis and application of specific (co)polymers. In the MaxSynBio consortium, the MPI for Polymer Research brings in the expertise on the design of nano- and micro-compartments for the assembly of a synthetic cell. Precision polymer synthesis combined with state-of-the art emulsion polymerization strategies are combined in order to design stimuli-responsive, catalytic, enzymatic modules that carry and release cargo or produce materials in a confined environment.

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