MaxSynBio Steering Committee

Strategy perspectives for research in synthetic biology developed by members of the Chemistry, Physics and Technology Section and of the Biology and Medicine Section of the Max Planck Society, by experts in Responsible Research and Innovation, by established and emerging project leaders and by research policy analysts.

The MaxSynBio research network is directed by a steering Committee which was composed in such a way to ensure as wide as possible representation of scientific background and project management levels: natural/engineering sciences and humanities, senior and junior group leaders, members of the chemical-physical-technical section (CPTS) and of the biomedical section (BMS) of the Max Planck Society. The activities of the steering committee are supported by two representatives of the Max Planck Society and the coordination assistant.

Particular attention is paid to the integration of the project leader responsible for the ethical concomitant research (Prof. Dr. Peter Dabrock, Cluster Work Package S2). Due to the fact that Prof. Dabrock is responsible for the monitoring and ethical evaluation of all research activities in MaxSynBio, it is essential to make sure that he has an independent role. For this reason, Prof. Dabrock is not involved in any decisions related to budgeting or personnel. The independence of the ethical concomitant research is ensured by a statement of the corresponding project leader.

Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille

Chief Co-Coordinator

Britta Dembinski

Administration of the CPTS Institutes

Dr. Christiane Walch-Solimena

Science Policy and Strategy Processes of the Max Planck Society
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