Our topic were microfluidics! Lectures for everyone and lab classes for PhD students, technicians and junior postdocs.

Monday, 6 June 2016
Venue: Prandtl Lecture Hall

11:00 Registration (Foyer Lecture Building)
Lunch (MPI Canteen)
13:00 Stephan Herminghaus: Welcome address
Session 1: Microfluidic technology principles and techniques
Chair: Ivan Ivanov
13:15 Jean-Christophe Baret: General principles of microfluidics
14:00 Albert Bae: Device fabrication I: Soft lithography
14:30 Michael Heymann: Device fabrication II: Alternatives to PDMS
15:00 Group Photo & Coffee break
Session 2: Specific applications
Chair: Albert Bae
15:30 Lucia Benk & Marian Weiss: Microcompartments and picoinjection
16:00 Tom Robinson and Roland Knorr: Microfluidic manipulations of GUVs
16:30 Thomas Beneyton: Fluorescent activated droplet sorting
17:00 Michael Hyman: Microfluidics to map phase diagrams
MaxSynBio General Issues
Chair: Jakob Schweizer
17:30 Kai Sundmacher: MaxSynBio - Status and Future Directions
18:30 Dinner at MPI Canteen
Session 3: Wunschkonzert
20:00 Microfluidic PhD Project: Example 1, tba
20:15 Microfluidic PhD Project: Example 2, tba
20:30 Microfluidic PhD Project: Example 3, tba
20:45 Microfluidic PhD Project: Example 4, tba
21:00 Reception and general discussion

Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Venue: MPI DS

09:00 Introduction Tuesday program
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Project
09:30 PDMS class
Ground Floor
PDMS class
2nd Floor
Macrofluidics Free


Coffee break
10:30 Coffee break PDMS class
Ground Floor
PDMS class
2nd Floor


11:30 Lunch


Droplet generation Gradient device Free
13:00 Chemotactic droplets Picoinjection
13:30 Gradient device Droplet generation
14:00 Picoinjection Chemotactic droplets
14:30 Closing remarks: Eberhard Bodenschatz
15:00 End of program

*Project meetings have to be organised by participants.

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