Symposium Bordeaux: Registration open!

September 23, 2019

Register now for the BioSynSys Symposium on Synthetic and Systems Biology!

We have now opened the Synthetic and Systems Biology conference entitled Design, Build, Test, Learn.

This symposium will be held in Bordeaux, from Wednesday November 20th to Friday November 22nd. It is, for the first time, co-organized by the French GDR BioSynSys, the German MaxSynBio and the pan European SynBio association. By gathering several Synthetic Biology organizations, we hope to start building a larger group of researchers across Europe, dedicated to the fundamental and applied aspects of Synthetic Biology.

Thought we aim to focus on the four aspects Design, Build, Test, Learn of Synthetic and Systems Biology without building borders between the different models or organisms that we usually work with but rather finding questions and research orientations that are common to our field.

Prices for registration are:

  • Students 120 €
  • Postdoc 250 €
  • Academic and Industrial 300 €

To register please use the form on our website

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