A platform for Synthetic Biology in Germany

June 21, 2017

The German Association of Synthetic Biology was founded in order to foster collaboration among scientists and to represent the interests of scientists working in Synthetic Biology in Germany.

The German Association for Synthetic Biology (GASB e.V.) was recently officially founded with Prof. Dr. Anke Becker as chairwoman. GASB e.V. has set the goal to establish Synthetic Biology as a key discipline and to serve as the association for this young science in Germany. With the help of Synthetic Biology, possible solutions to urgent questions of the 21st century may be discovered. GASB is open to everyone who is interested in Synthetic Biology: from students to professionals, from academic research labs to producing industry, from scientists to humanists. We understand Synthetic Biology as an independent discipline within the larger field of life sciences. Synthetic Biology means to apply engineering principles to biological systems. As a modern science, there are countless points of contact with other sciences like biotechnology, systems biology, or even physics and electrical engineering.

To achieve this goal, GASB was established to serve as a national discussion forum for Synthetic Biology. Together we want to foster collaboration and to represent the interests of Synthetic Biologists across Germany. Therefore GASB is organizing conferences and workshops, enables the dialogue within and between the scientific community and society and takes a stance on the pressing questions related to Synthetic Biology.

As opening event, the first of an annual conference called ‘GASB I – The conference on Synthetic Biology - Made in Germany’ will take place at the 24th and 25th of November 2017 in Marburg.
It will be divided into 5 keynote sessions (Minimal Cell/in vitro Synthetic Biology, Tool Engineering, Metabolic Engineering, Computational Synthetic Biology and Applications/Biotech). Next to the keynote talks several time slots are also reserved for Postdoc/PhD talks as well as a poster session.

For further information (registration, venue, keynote speakers, schedule, etc.) and in case you are interested in giving a talk or presenting a poster or if you just want to attend please have a look at the conference page (see below).

In case you are interested in becoming a GASB member or part of the steering committee have a look at the link below.

Further information:

German Association for Synthetic Biology: www.ga-sb.de

GASB conference: www.synthetischebiologie.org

GASB membership: www.synthetischebiologie.org

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