Status Seminar Magdeburg 2018

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The MaxSynBio Status Seminar is coupled to the MaxSynBio Symposium but symposium and status seminar sessions are separated.
Thuesday, 3 July Wednesday, 4 July
9:00 Symposium Symposium
10:00 Junior Group I
Junior Group II
11:00 Coffee break
Junior Group III
Junior Group IV
Coffee break
Discussion SAB+Junior Group only Project Leader Meeting
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Welcome address Kai Sundmacher
Closed session SAB+ MPG+PtJ Project Leader Meeting
Discussion SAB+MSB (+MPG+PtJ)
Closed session SAB only
Coffee Break
Overview presentation MaxSynBio Closed session SAB only Project Leader Meeting
16:00 T1 Compartments
T2 Proteins
L1 Energy Coffee break
L2 Metabolism
17:00 Coffee Break Closed session SAB+ MPG+PtJ Project Leader Meeting
L3 Growth
L4 Division
18:00 L5 Signalling & Motility Final session SAB+MSB+MPG+PtJ
S1 Theory
S2 Ethics
Coffee Break
19:00 Discussion SAB+MSB (+MPG+PtJ) Dinner at Hoflieferant
20:00 Dinner at Festung Mark
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