Prof. Dr. Michael Naumann

Michael Naumann is head of the Institute for Experimental Internal Medicine at the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität. His research team investigates clinically important signaling modules which are relevant for cancer development. Suppression of cell death is a prominent feature of cancer cells, thus our work focus on one of the most important regulatory systems involved in cell death and cell survival, the NF-kB network. In the era of personalized cancer medicine, we address state of the art analysis of molecules involved in molecular pathogenesis. Herein, we analyse proteins with a special emphasis on predictive indicators of disease. We contribute to the development of individually efficacious therapies with a special expertise on gastric diseases and obesity. Within this specialization we define biomarkers and develop molecular assay systems. Further, we define therapeutic target structures, specific inhibitors for drug development and efficacious tests all in the prospect of personalized medicine.

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