Marco Raffaele Cosenza, BioTop Heidelberg e.V.

Marco Raffaele Cosenza, BioTop Heidelberg e.V.

Marco Raffaele Cosenza is a biotechnology researcher at the DKFZ Heidelberg. He is also the head of Biotop Heidelberg e.V., one of the most active DIY-Labs in Germany. He will present alternative concepts for the dissemination of technology based on the open source idea.

Marco Raffaele Cosenza

Dr. Marco R. Cosenza is a biotechnology researcher in the field of cellular biology with a deep expertise in imaging techniques and analysis. Moreover, he is engaged in promoting innovation and education in biology through his role in Biotop Community Lab association. 

Dr. Cosenza studied Biotechnology focused on human health in Naples and did his Ph.D. in field of Biology at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Heidelberg in 2015. At the DKFZ he carried out a project characterizing a new source of cell division errors in cancer, developing a deep expertise in microscopy and imaging analysis techniques. Today Dr. Cosenza is leading a team as a postdoc at the DKFZ, focusing on the releationship between chromosomal instability and tumorigenesis in vivo and the influence of post-translational modification of microtubules on cell division. Besides his scientific work, he is founder and president of Biotop Community Lab, an association dedicated to democratization of science by merging together biotechnology and maker culture – learn more about how this combination can spur invention and innovation during his talk at the MaxSynBio Innovation Workshop.

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