1st MaxSynBio Innovation Workshop

1st MaxSynBio Innovation Workshop

16/17 January 2019: From fundamental research in synthetic biology towards applications - transferring technologies and methods. An innovative workshop at the MPI for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart. This is an internal meeting for MaxSynBio members only.

Innovations for researchers

Within MaxSynBio we have developed many new methods and technologies, ranging from microfluidics to new enzymes. These innovations are also of valuable interest to other researchers in synthetic biology, life science, medical research and bioprocessing and therefore offer great potential for patents and commercialisation through start-ups or industry partners. An example is Emulseo, a company founded by MaxSynBio Project Leader Jean-Christophe Baret which develops and provides microfluidics for lifescience applications.


The 1st MaxSynBio Innovation Workshop is dedicated to the transfer of innovative concepts from our research into applications for the science community. The workshop will provide an overview on patents and start-ups and talks by guest speakers who have started their own companies.

Project screening & contributions by participants

Furthermore, two experts of Max Planck Innovation GmbH will screen projects presented by MaxSynBio PhD students and postdocs for potential commercialisation. PhD-students and postdocs are welcomed to submit short "innovation ideas" of max. 3 slides for a 5min presentation. Please upload your "Innovation Idea" on the contribution page.

Introduction to patenting and start-ups, guest presentations by entrepreneurs from the science community and screening of your projects for potential innovations. [more]
Experts for patenting & start-ups, scientists who have become entrepreneurs, colleagues analysing the potential of microfluidics, representatives of the open source community and a sociologist who speaks on innovation strategies in synthetic biology! [more]
Please register until 21 Dec 2018! [more]
Your innovative project for converting research into business - assessed by experts from Max Planck Innovation. Submit your idea until 21 Dec 2018! [more]
The first MaxSynBio Innovation Workshop will take place at the Max Planck Institue for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart. [more]
We have pre-reservations for hotel rooms in Stuttgart from January 15 to January 18, 2019. The hotel is located closely to the public transportation to MPI for Intelligent Systems and is well connected to Stuttgart's city center and the main station.


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