Building brigdes in Synthetic Biology:
BrisSynBio meets MaxSynBio

Joint workshop of the UK's and Germany's most important research consortia in Synthetic Biology.

February 08, 2017

Scientists of the Bristol-based research network BrisSynBio and the German research network MaxSynBio meet in April for a 2-day workshop in Bristol.

In September 2015 Prof. Stephen Mann of the University of Bristol was invited by MaxSynBio as a guest speaker to the 1st MaxSynBio Symposium which was held at the Max Planck Institute in Potsdam. Stephen Mann is a member of the research network BrisSynBio. At this meeting it was discovered that BrisSynBio and MaxSynBio have a lot in common and that we should get into contact in order to elucidate further potential collaborations. So the idea of a joint workshop was born. At the same time, Dr. Dora Tang, formerly also member of BrisSynbio had successfully applied for a position as a junior group leader in MaxSynBio. The transition of Dora Tang from Bristol to the MaxSynBio-member institute in Dresden strenghened the link between British and German research network further.

Now as a member of MaxSynBio, Dora Tang engaged in the organisation of the joint workshop in collaboration with Dr. Tom Gorochowski, a fellow junior group leader of BrisSynBio. Both are assisted by the coordination offices of BrisSynBio and MaxSynBio, Dr. Kathleen Sedgley and Dr. Jakob Schweizer. This organisational committee is Together with a fellow junior group leader of BrisSynBio is presided by Prof. Stephen Mann (BrisSynBio) as chair Prof. Kai Sundmacher (MaxSynBio) as co-chair.

See further information on the workshop on our event page. The registration deadline is 3rd March 2017.

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