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AR Dr. Matthias Braun
Team Leader
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Dr. Jakob Schweizer
Dr. Jakob Schweizer
Scientific Coordinator
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Ulrike Papajewski
Ulrike Papajewski
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MaxSynBio Panel Discussion

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Synthetic Life - what is synthetic, what is natural?

2 July 2018, Jahrtausendturm: A public panel discussion on synthetic nature with experts from MaxSynBio and guests.

In the framework of our MaxSynBio Symposium in Magdeburg we are organising a public panel discussion to which we also invite all participants of the symposium. Experts from MaxSynBio and guests will discuss about the question:

Synthetic Nature - what is synthetic, what is natural?

Flyer for the public panel discussion. Download available on the right side. Zoom Image
Flyer for the public panel discussion. Download available on the right side.


18:00 Dinner (for participants of the MaxSynBio Symposium only)

19:30 Doors open for the general public

20:00 Welcome address

20:10 Keynote talk by Dr. Joachim Schummer

20:30 Panel discussion with

  • Prof. Dr. Kai Sundmacher, Bioprocess Systems Engineer
  • Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille, Biophysicist
  • PD Dr. Joachim Schummer, Philosopher and Chemist
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Dabrock, Theologian and Ethician
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Prainsack, Sociologist and Political Scientist

21:30 Public reception with drinks and open discussion


The panel discussion will be held in the Jahrtausendturm, a wooden tower (actually the largest building worldwide made from wood) situated in the Elbauenpark, a large park next to the river Elbe in Magdeburg. The Jahrtausendturm hosts a large exhibition about 6000 years history of scientific and technological cognition. Exhibition objects include a huge Foucault pendulum, a reconstruction of the flying machine by Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Magdeburg hemispheres, Robert Hooke's microscope and a copy of the historic version of an x-ray tube.

Jahrtausentrum Magdeburg
Tessenowstraße 7
39114 Magdeburg

Entrance at tram stop Messegelände/Elbauenpark

Image courtesy by Jahrtausendturm and Andreas Lander ©.

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