Festung Mark, Magdeburg: The MaxSynBio Status Seminar is held at the same location as the MaxSynBio Symposium but in separate rooms.

Status Seminar

Festung Mark
Hohepfortewall 1
39104 Magdeburg




Welcome Dinner

For all participants of the International MaxSynBio Symposium 2018.

Restaurant Mephisto
im Schauspielhaus Magdeburg
Otto-von-Guericke-Straße 64
39104 Magdeburg

Phone: +49 (0)391 50960100

Farewell Dinner

For VIPs only ! This includes: the scientific advisory board, project leaders, junior group leaders of MaxSynBio and guest speakers only.

Restaurant Hoflieferant
Fürstenwall 3B
39104 Magdeburg

Phone: +49 (0)391 58282441

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