Your "Innovation Idea"

Your "Innovation Idea"

Your innovative project for converting research into business - assessed by experts from Max Planck Innovation. Submit your idea until 21 Dec 2018!

Most important part of our innovation workshop will be a "screening" of the technologies and methods developed in MaxSynBio for potential commercialisation, patenting, start-ups. For this, you are kindly asked to prepare a 5min/2-slides-presentation of a method, technology, application, product which could be valuable for other researchers or maybe even outside the science community. Two experts of Max Planck Innovation - a consulting company of the Max Planck Society - will evaluate your "innovation idea" and will give a short feedback on your idea.


Please upload your "Innovation Ideas" until 21 Dec 2018 (confidential upload):

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What are possible innovative ideas from MaxSynBio?

When people talk about products, applications, patents business ideas and start-ups usually they think of industrial products and end-consumers. However, in science we also need certain products and technologies, and often we have to pay a lot of money for chemicals, enzymes and instruments. Companies from "research industry" have developed innovative ideas from science into business models. You probably have also developed (or have developed further) a method, technology or chemical product which helps you in your research but could also be helpful for other researchers. This is a potential for your own business idea -either as a patent or start-up. Take for example Jean-Christophe Baret from the University of Bordeaux and project leader in MaxSynBio: He recently founded a company which developed and sells a new efficient surfactant for droplet-based microfluidics and its applications in biotechnology:

Business without patents?

Many methods we develop we publish them and then patenting becomes difficult. However, even without a patent a business concept is possible: Maybe you are the expert in fabricating a difficult microfluidic device no one else can build or for which it takes time to master the process? Why not sell it to other researchers?

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