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Journal Article
Marušič, N.; Otrin, L.; Rauchhaus, J.; Zhao, Z.; Kyrilis, F. L.; Hamdi, F.; Kastritis, P. L.; Dimova, R.; Ivanov, I.; Sundmacher, K.: Increased efficiency of charge-mediated fusion in polymer/lipid hybrid membranes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (20), e2122468119 (2022)
Journal Article
Marušič, N.; Zhao, Z.; Otrin, L.; Dimova, R.; Ivanov, I.; Sundmacher, K.: Fusion‐Induced Growth of Biomimetic Polymersomes: Behavior of Poly(dimethylsiloxane)‐Poly(ethylene oxide) Vesicles in Saline Solutions Under High Agitation. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 43 (5), e2100712 (2022)
Journal Article
Ivanov, I.; Lopez-Castellanos, S.; Balasbas III, S.; Otrin, L.; Marušič, N.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Sundmacher, K.: Bottom-Up Synthesis of Artificial Cells: Recent Highlights and Future Challenges. Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 12, pp. 287 - 308 (2021)
Journal Article
Otrin, L.; Witkowska, A.; Marušič, N.; Zhao, Z.; Lira, R. B.; Kyrilis, F. L.; Hamdi, F.; Ivanov, I.; Lipowsky, R.; Kastritis, P. L. et al.; Dimova, R.; Sundmacher, K.; Jahn, R.; Vidaković-Koch, T.: En route to dynamic life processes by SNARE-mediated fusion of polymer and hybrid membranes. Nature Communications 12, 4972 (2021)
Journal Article
Staufer, O.; De Lora, J. A.; Bailoni, E.; Bazrafshan, A.; Benk, A. S.; Jahnke, K.; Manzer, Z. A.; Otrin, L.; Díez Pérez, T.; Sharon, J. et al.; Steinkühler, J.; Adamala, K. P.; Jacobson, B.; Dogterom, M.; Göpfrich, K.; Stefanovic, D.; Atlas, S. R.; Grunze, M.; Lakin, M. R.; Shreve, A. P.; Spatz, J. P.; López, G. P.: Building a community to engineer synthetic cells and organelles from the bottom-up. eLife 10, e73556 (2021)
Journal Article
Wohlfromm, F.; Richter, M.; Otrin, L.; Seyrek, K.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Kuligina, E.; Richter, V.; Koval, O.; Lavrik, I. N.: Interplay Between Mitophagy and Apoptosis Defines a Cell Fate Upon Co-treatment of Breast Cancer Cells With a Recombinant Fragment of Human κ-Casein and Tumor Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8, 617762 (2021)
Journal Article
Marusic, N.; Otrin, L.; Zhao, Z.; Lira, R. B.; Kyrilis, F. L.; Hamdi, F.; Kastritis, P. L.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Ivanov, I.; Sundmacher, K. et al.; Dimova, R.: Constructing artificial respiratory chain in polymer compartments: Insights into the interplay between bo3 oxidase and the membrane. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (26), pp. 15006 - 15017 (2020)
Journal Article
Otrin, L.; Kleineberg, C.; Caire da Silva, L.; Landfester, K.; Ivanov, I.; Wang, M.; Bednarz, C.; Sundmacher, K.; Vidaković-Koch, T.: Artificial Organelles for Energy Regeneration. Advanced Biosystems 3 (6), 1800323 (2019)
Journal Article
Wang, M.; Wölfer, C.; Otrin, L.; Ivanov, I.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Sundmacher, K.: Transmembrane NADH oxidation with Tetracyanoquinodimethane. Langmuir 34 (19), pp. 5435 - 5443 (2018)
Journal Article
Otrin, L.; Marušič, N.; Bednarz, C.; Vidaković-Koch, T.; Lieberwirth, I.; Landfester, K.; Sundmacher, K.: Toward Artificial Mitochondrion: Mimicking Oxidative Phosphorylation in Polymer and Hybrid Membranes. Nano Letters 17 (11), pp. 6816 - 6821 (2017)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Sundmacher, K.; Ivanov, I.; Mangold, M.; Otrin, L.; Vidaković-Koch, T.: Nachahmung essenzieller Lebensprozesse in minimalen synthetischen Systemen. In: Technische Systeme für die Lebenswissenschaften: 18. Heiligenstädter Kolloquium, pp. 295 - 302. 18. Heiligenstädter Kolloquium, Heiligenstadt, September 19, 2016 - September 21, 2016. Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e.V., Heiligenstadt (2016)
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