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Journal Article
Jawerth, L.; Ijavi, M.; Ruer, M.; Saha, S.; Jahnel, M.; Hyman, A. A.; Jülicher, F.; Fischer-Friedrich, E.: Salt-Dependent Rheology and Surface Tension of Protein Condensates Using Optical Traps. Physical review letters 121 (25), 258101 (2018)
Journal Article
Maharana, S.; Wang, J.; Papadopoulos, D.; Richter, D.; Pozniakovsky, A. I.; Poser, I.; Bickle, M.; Rizk, S.; Guillén-Boixet, J.; Franzmann, T. et al.; Jahnel, M.; Marrone, L.; Chang, Y.-T.; Sterneckert, J.; Tomancak, P.; Hyman, A.; Alberti, S.: RNA buffers the phase separation behavior of prion-like RNA binding proteins. Science (New York, N.Y.) 360 (6391), pp. 918 - 921 (2018)
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