#02 - Controlling synthetic cells and tissues

#02 - Controlling synthetic cells and tissues

Michael Booth (University of Oxford)

Monday, 30 Nov 21:15 - 22:00 CET

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Title: Controlling synthetic cells and tissues

Author(s): Michael Bootha

Affiliations: aUniversity of Oxford

Abstract: Synthetic cells and tissues, composed of lipid-bounded compartments with a minimal cellular functionality, might have applications in biotechnology, including studying cellular function and drug delivery. My group have developed methods to externally control the function of these soft biomaterials with multiple stimuli, including light, temperature, and chemical signals. A main focus of our work is on the generation and application of light-activated DNA (LA-DNA) to control cell-free expression systems within these compartments. In the future these synthetic cells and tissues may be used to study or repair living tissues.


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