Meet the Speakers!

Meet the Speakers!

Confirmed speakers

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Session Genetic Information

Twist/Foundation For Applied Molecular Evolution (FfAME) more
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Keynote presentation: Reprogramming the Genetic Code more

Session Compartments

University of Bristol, United Kingdom more
  • 2nd speaker tba

Session Metabolic Engineering

Northwestern University, Evanston, USA
Keynote presentation: The Confluence of Kinetic Modeling and Data Science: Novel Biochemical Pathways and Bioprivileged Molecules more
ETH Zürich, Switzerland more

Session Signalling & Motility

Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
Keynote Presentation: Reconstituting cytoskeletal systems in artificial cells more
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Techincal Systems, Göttingen, Germany
Keynote presentation: Designing Motility and Signaling from the bottom up more

Session Replication

University of Tokyo, Japan more
University of Siena, Italy more

Sesion Ethics & Philosophy

  • Speakers tba
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