Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Internet, webcam and light

You can also download the provided information here (PDF).

Is it possible to access the desktop-based platform via a smartphone or tablet?

The desktop-based platform is desktop-optimized and not fully accessible via a smartphone or tablet. This
means that not all conference features will be fully usable via a mobile browser.

Internet Connection

For the best experience of the event, don't use your smartphone but a laptop or desktop computer and connect to internet with a network cable. If you have Wifi only, please use an internet speed test service (e.g. in order to locate the spot with the best wifi connection in the premises you are going to use for the virtual symposium. VPN, firewall, strong antivirus softwareor a specific corporate network may block outbound/inbound media. To make sure that a specific network is not interfering, we recommend performinga short test.

Which browsers are supported?

  • Google Chrome (v50 or higher) - recommended for best performance!
  • Mozilla Firefox (49.x or higher)
  • Safari (12.1 or higher)
  • Microsoft Edge (81)

How can I check if my operating system is supporting the platform and its sessions?

The tool "Let's Get Digital Testing Suite" (link) provides insight in some common issues. The page includes:

  • Platform services check
  • Video tests
  • Session services check
  • browser check
  • webcam check
  • Frequently asked questions concerning common issues

My camera and microphone are not working, how do I fix this?

The Help Page of Samba Live (link) explains how to setup your camera and microphone in Google Chrome or Safari. Please make sure that there is a green light behind the microphone and camera icon. Otherwise please go to the settings icon (wheel) and make sure that you have selected the right microphone and camera.

How do I login on the desktop-based platform?

See the page providing information for the Conference Platform.

Camera and Microphone Settings

For the keynote presentations only speakers need webcams or microphones. However for the group photo, video chats with other participants and Mini Talks you can/should use your webcam and microphone.

When video conferencing with others, please

  • Raise your webcam to eye-level
  • Mute your microphone when others speak
  • Turn on your microphone when you want to speak
  • Look into your camera, not screen, when talking

Please also see the specific hints for the Mini Talks.

Room Settings

Please work from a quiet room to keep background noises to a minimum, while video conferencing with others. Position yourself in such a way, that there are no light sources in your background, light should rather shine on your beautiful smile. For example, if you are in a room with a window, the window should not be behind you, but you should be able to look out the window.

Social Media

If you are active on social media, please use #MaxSynBio2020 ! Please do not to post any screenshots without consent of depicted individuals or content of authores (e.g. from Keynote Presentations or Mini Talks).

Time difference

Please note that there will be attendees participating from different time zones - you can check different time zones here.


We have many exciting presentations - but please do not forget to drink enough. Also stretch and move between sessions.

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